Improving Time Management

Last week I attended my second quarterly business planning day at Windlesham Golf Club, hosted by Steve Shaw of Sapphire Synergy. These excellent planning days are put on specifically for Steve’s clients as a way of getting together to set goals with actions for the next quarter.

For me the focus of the day was on time management, an area I have struggled to get to grips with for a very long time. I realise the high importance of managing time correctly and over the last year of so I have tried many different systems, none of which seem to work for a variety of reasons.

Two key factors of time management came out of the day which I have implemented in a bid to take control of my time; a daily routine and dumping all tasks into OmniFocus for review.

The importance of a daily routine.

Outlining a daily routine is a great way of freeing your mind from anything other than what you should be doing at a specific time. I realised that by defining set times to work on set topics (such as blogging as I am doing now) is a great way to forget about everything else and remove stressful thinking.

My set daily routine only covers mornings and has some things repeated at various points throughout the week just in case I have a meeting on a set day so I can still work on that topic at another point during the week.

After lunch I am free to work on whatever else I feel important at the time, that may be a continuation of the morning, an article I have read and want to explore further, etc.

Daily Routine

This is of course my first draft, I may choose to make changes to the routine to suit when I do certain things better.

Dumping all tasks into OmniFocus.

If you don’t know of OmniFocus it is a task management application for both Mac, iPhone and iPad with syncronisation between all 3. I find it to be the best task management app because it is more than a list of tasks, it is a list of goals with actions to achieve those goals.

The inbox allows you to dump any thoughts from your head without having to worry about organising them. When you are ready later (for me each morning), open up OmniFocus and spend a few minutes organising those thoughts into Projects and Contexts.

How do you best organise your time?

How do you best organise your time? Is a daily routine something you use? Do you use any other apps to store your tasks? I’d love to know your thoughts…

Sunday morning walk around Crowthorne Forest

I’m not usually one for walking, especially when it’s cold out. This morning however, Laura managed to persuade me to go for a Sunday morning walk around Crowthorne Forest. We headed to Crowthorne Forest for a rather frosty, but sunny walk. Despite the sun, I was still cold.